Chrissy Teigen’s thoughts and antics often make people on social media say, “it me,” but one video posted on Friday morning may be one of her most relatable.

 “I honestly don’t think I’m ever doing anything again ever,” says a tired-looking, raspy-voiced Teigen in a video shared on both her Twitter and Instagram stories.

The model and author also added that she didn’t post anything the night before because she “lost my phone all night.” To that we must ask: Who among us has not been there?

The 33-year-old also shared a video from “better times” where she’s rocking some seriously sharp prosthetic cheekbones.

It’s not clear where she ― presumably alongside husband John Legend ― went on Halloween night, but it seems like it was quite the rager.

We’d love to have been on a fly on that wall …



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